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New Product Alert – Delta Precision Cooling Systems

MCS is excited to announce it will now be selling and installing Delta InfraSuite Precision Cooling Systems

What is a precision cooling system?

Precision cooling is an air conditioning or cooling technique that is used specifically for IT environments to directly cool electronic and IT equipment. Precision air conditioning maintains temperature and humidity within a very narrow range to provide environmental stability which is required by sensitive electronic equipment.  Thus allowing your business to avoid expensive downtime. In order to offer the most ideal space usage to suit the possibility of the fast development of IT equipment, current data centres have implemented a high-density model with a view of on edge server innovation.

Why Would I need a precision cooling system?

If your business has IT equipment infrastructure then you will probably need a precision cooling system. Precision air conditioning maintains temperature and humidity within a very narrow range, it provides the environment stability that is required by sensitive electronic equipment, allowing your business to avoid expensive downtime.

Delta – The most reliable and efficient cooling solutions

In order to offer the most ideal space usage, and to suit the possibly fast development of new IT equipment, current data centres have implemented a high-density model, in view of on edge server innovation. This model requires a higher power supply density and can along these lines make increasingly noteworthy issues with heat dissipation. To address these issues, nonstop presicion cooling can be used as a cooling system solution. However, the cost of utilizing this technique for data centre cooling can be quite costly representing up to 45% of the all-out power costs acquired by the data centre. In view of this, heat dissemination and power costs are significant records against which operational consumptions of the data centre can be measured.

Delta is a global leading producer of fans and a specialist in power management. Delta’s precision cooling enthalpy laboratory carefully verifies cooling system performance and reliability during the engineering development and design process to ensure high product performance.  Specific types of cooling and temperature control have been created to cater the unique cooling system needs of modern data centres. Traditional precision air conditioning is not appropriate in many cases as a data centre cooling system. This type of air conditioning cannot provide adequate heat removal for data.

What makes Delta Different?

High Availability

  • Built-in dual power supply with dual input for better power reliability
  • Rectifiers and fan that support hot swappable, greatly reducing maintenance time
  • Panel made of cold-rolled steel plate and coated with surface electrostatic spraying
  • Built-in leakage detector capable of leak display and alert
  • Modular rack design readily expandable by load to enable quick configuration
  • Built-in manual dehumidifying for quick and precise dehumidification
  • Supporting group control and used as backup

High Flexibility

  • Chilled water pipe suitable for both top and bottom insertion, with flexible configuration as required
  • Wheels on bottom for easy moving to locations that need cooling
  • Disposable filter with high efficiency (MERV 8 ASHRAE 52.2, 45mm); washable MERV 1 filter is available for purchase to save cost
  • Remote monitoring can be carried out through SNMP card, providing more comprehensive system protection

High Efficiency

  • To comply with the high power density of racks, the RowCool series cooling capacity can increase up to 60kW (HCH1870) without changing footprint
  • When Applied to the high temperature settings of inlet water, outdoor units save on power consumption by up to 15~20% when the chiller water temperature increases from 5°C to 12°C
  • Continuously variable speed fan design for energy saving
  • Cooling system capable of variable flow control for energy saving
  • Built-in vortex wafer flow meter capable of monitoring chilled water flow that renders easy display of system status

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