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/ Power Switching

Today data, software, and other digital equipment or systems highly depend on electricity to run.

However, there are times when power surges and malfunctions from the main power provider happen and when it does, those who are not prepared to handle such events are at risk of losing critical data or  hardware malfunction.

You can reliably transfer your business-critical loads to your emergency sources with our power transfer switches, specialty switchboards, and control systems.

We take in mind and consider it our highest priority to support your business’s continuity by providing you not just with uninterruptable power supplies and surge protection systems, but we also provide power switching equipment to help safeguard your facilities and business proceedings from discontinuity.

Managing the risk of losing data and being able to successfully mitigate it can contribute to your business’s overall success.

Investing on our high-quality power switching equipment and controls can help you have a better grasp on how you can protect your business as well as important data from electrical supply interruptions which are often unexpected.

What we have in store for you include industry-leading transfer switches, non-automatic and automatic switches, and specialty transfer switches and switchboards.

These can be used for residential, commercial, and even agricultural purposes depending on what your business needs.

We also have power control systems which have a wide range of features which are easy to control to make the emergency power system in your facility even more efficient.