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/ Racks and Integrated Cabinets

Businesses today depend on equipment to promote high efficiency and smooth daily operations.

Software and critical equipment work hand in hand to provide the business with the advancement it needs to grow. For your critical infrastructure, having specially designed pieces of equipment which are built to last will be valuable investments.

We understand that businesses today vary in size and have different equipment needs.

This is why we provide different racks and integrated cabinets to meet your varied business setups.

We can help you efficiently manage your critical equipment with the racks and integrated cabinets that we offer.

You can also choose our rackmounts UPS, static transfer switch, or AC power distribution racks.

To provide you with the matching accessories, we have indoor racks and accessories to respond to the different infrastructure needs of businesses today.

These products are all designed with the optimization of your data centre in mind, and they can help contain your UPS, cooling, rack PDUs, and even your electrical wirings in sturdy, durable, and lockable cabinet options.

We have cooling racks designed to manage varied heat loads and support the best data centre practices, distribution racks for AC equipment to provide interface between the different low voltage feeds as well as distribution units, and support for your high density modular cooling systems which take care of your business’s advanced thermal management needs.

Adding an extra layer of protection and security for the most critical equipment your business has is on our mind and by using our integrated racks and cabinets you will get the lasting performance your business deserves.