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Government funding boost to fuel EV roll-out across Australia

While the majority of Australian new car sales still use either petrol or diesel engines, at government level, there is growing pressure to encourage the adoption of EVs (electric vehicles). In Adelaide, this trend is being fuelled (pardon the pun) by local government with many councils installing EV charging stations across their local government area.

The Future Fuels Fund has approved $24.55m in funding to applicants across 19 projects to expand Australia’s fast charging network for electric vehicles. These first round funds represent an increase of $8.05m more than originally planned due to the strength of applicants.

The funded charging stations will be located in 14 of Australia’s most populous cities and regional areas as part of a $71.9m initiative to remove barriers to the uptake of EV vehicles.

In addition, many local councils around South Australia are installing public EV charging stations subsidised by JOLT, a European company which specialises in fast charger infrastructure. For users of the charging stations, costs for recharging their vehicles is often subsidised by the local council.

You can expect to see more EV chargers around Adelaide and major regional centres in the very near future. Once the infrastructure is in place, the number of EV vehicles will quickly escalate.