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MCS Distribution (ABN 99 129 996 381) specializes in the distribution of mission critical infrastructure to be used for networking applications, data centres, and other general IT usage. The company offers products for critical cooling, monitoring, critical power, power switching, integrated cabinets and racks we sell to different companies in Australia.

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MCS distribution has a physical office but orders may also be placed via their website ( There are no special policies for orders and requests.

MCS Distribution is committed to bringing clients and resellers the best possible customer service. MCS Distribution is also bound by the Privacy Act 1988 (CRH) that outlines a set of principles with concern to the privacy of individuals that visit the site.

Collection of Personal Information

There are many areas in the site where visitors may freely go without having to surrender personal information. However, for visitors that wish to access MCS Distribution customer support features in the future, there will be a need to submit some personal information for identifying purposes. Information gathered may include a unique username and password combination. Visitors may also be asked to submit private and sensitive information to be used for lost password retrieval.

Sharing of Personal Information

MCS Distribution takes all the necessary steps to protect visitor data but might occasionally hire 3rd-party companies to provide services in their stead. This includes (but not limited to) handling questions for customer support, processing freight shipping, and other transactions. The hired companies are permitted to gain access only to information they will need to complete the transaction. MCS Distribution ensures that steps are taken to make sure these companies are bound by the strictest confidentiality and privacy conditions related to personal information surrendered by clients.

Use of Personal Information

MCS Distribution collects non-personally identifiable information from every visitor who lands on the website. Information gathered is limited to the type of browser used, version, OS, language, pages viewed while on the site, page access times, and referring website address.  The information gathering is used only to gauge traffic on the site, trends, and to deliver personalized content to visitors browsing the site.

There are instances when we may use information gathered from customers for new uses not disclosed in the privacy notice. Should our data gathering process change at a later time we will use information gathered for new purposes only, and data collected from the time the policy is changed will then adhere to the new guidelines and uses thereof.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

MCS Distribution reserves the right to make changes and alterations to this Privacy Policy at any future time. Visitors who object to our Privacy Policy are urged to navigate away from the site.

Accessing Personal Information

Visitors who surrender their personal identification have the right to access them and are subject to any exception outlined by law. Should you like to access your personal information do let us know. For security reasons, you may be asked to put your request in writing. MCS Distribution reserves the right to charge fees for any actions related to completing your request for access to your personal information.

Contact MCS Distribution

MCS Distributions welcomes comments about the Privacy Policy. Should you have questions for us or would like to know more, please contact us with the information below during regular business hours from Monday-Friday.

Mission Critical Systems

PO BOX 634

Hindmarsh, SA, 5007