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Business owners as well as the clients they serve or work with can truly benefit from technological advancements. From the technological advancements today, businesses can benefit from having more efficiency, productivity, and ultimately, increased revenue. How can we help you achieve these?

Achieve Higher ROI and Improved Efficiency

Making sure that all your critical systems are operational can help guarantee business efficiency and continuity. This is where Mission Critical Systems comes in. We are a trusted critical infrastructure provider and when you have essential assets which need safeguarding, we can cover your needs. With the products we offer, you lessen the risk of facing loss from equipment or systems malfunction, and you will have better means to mitigate further damages caused by unexpected occurrences.

Mission critical infrastructure is a valuable investment which will ultimately achieve higher ROI, productivity, and efficiency. The products that we offer can help ensure optimum functionality of your business premises.

If you are in need of mission critical infrastructure, we can provide extensive coverage for more efficient business infrastructure functions. We are a professional critical infrastructure provider who can provide with a range of solutions for data centre infrastructure needs, IT applications, networking applications, electrical equipment, and other infrastructure operations systems.

We value customer satisfaction which is why we make time to know more about your needs and take your input into consideration to make sure your business premises gets the infrastructure equipment, electrical maintenance systems, services, and support that it needs.

Critical Power

Running a business requires power. To ensure continuity, productivity, and energy efficiency, having reliable critical power equipment for your business is a must. It is for this reason that we have a range of high-quality products which can give your business uninterrupted

Critical Cooling

It has been said that the productivity of machines and equipment also depend on how well they are maintained. Machines, after all, are still just machines and they should be treated with care. Since they run using electricity there is a chance of overheating.

Power Switching

Today data, software, and other digital equipment or systems highly depend on electricity to run. However, there are times when power surges and malfunctions from the main power provider happen and when it does, those who are not prepared to handle such events


Making your business grow is surely one of your main goals and to be able to achieve this, having the ability to properly monitor business proceedings, systems, infrastructure conditions, as well as overall hardware efficiency is a must.

Racks and Cabinets

Businesses today depend on equipment to promote high efficiency and smooth daily operations. Software and critical equipment work hand in hand to provide the business with the advancement it needs to grow. For your critical infrastructure, having specially designed pieces

High Quality Products and Services

As a trusted critical infrastructure provider, we have taken it upon us to provide our clients with their needed information as well as actual products concerning your business’s physical premises. Our products are engineered to provide efficient output and we consistently monitor as well as update necessary design concerns. We are committed to provide our clients with excellent products, resources, and customer service. Although we know full well that our products are designed to last and give high-quality performance, we are open to hearing inquiries as well as other concerns to provide you with the technical support you need.

If you need information as well products for your business, you will be delighted to discover that we place high regard on timely product delivery to help with your business efficiency and continuity. We will not leave you in the dark should you ever have any concerns about our products and our services as well. Our customer service representatives can walk you through the important points of product-related information you need, and we also offer technical backup services even after your product orders have been delivered.

To ensure excellence engineering and design in our products

Provide excellent customer service

Deliver all orders in a timely manner

Maintain accuracy in all products delivered

Provide comprehensive after-sales support to resellers and wholesalers.

For both big businesses and resellers who would like to supply high-quality products to end users looking for products which are built to last, Mission Critical Systems is here to provide quality services for your business and product concerns. We offer for surge protection, power switching and controls, monitoring support, precision cooling systems, micro to large UPS as well as racks and integrated cabinets and other critical infrastructure needs to help ensure the maximum efficiency and operations of your business.

Allow us to work hand in hand with you and together, we can achieve success through more accessible and efficient means!

“MCS is a trusted adviser to our company. Providing support with product selection and after sales. Without their assistance our larger infrastructure projects would have never gotten off the ground”.

IT Integrator
Information technologies

“When it comes to critical power equipment, we always go to MCS. The products they sell are market leaders coupled with the great customer service they provide. You could not ask for a better equipment partner”.

Electrical Contractor

MCS provides a critical service to our firm with regards to unit selection for critical facilities. With their in-depth knowledge of the industry along with their product set, you get very sound advise.

Mechanical Consulting Engineer

Frenquently Asked Questions

If you have any more questions please contact us here

What industries do you target for with your power supply units and other products?

Here at MCS Distribution we aim to provide the best power supplies, cooling system, etc. to different industries. While most of our products are used in IT-related and computer companies, we are also present in other industries such as construction, electrical, and air conditioning companies just to name a few. If you are looking for world class equipment to support your critical facilities then we have what you are looking for. Just let us know what you require and we will provide it for you.

Do you provide installation services for companies that get your products?

While we love nothing more than to make sure that we meet all your business needs we regret to say that we do not install any of our power supply units, cooling units, etc. We are a distribution company and we sell to resellers who may have the installation services you are looking for. It is up to the resellers you get in touch with if they will provide any installation services for you or if they will charge extra for such services in the event the clients ask for them.

What do you do to help resellers and wholesalers of your products?

We are greatly humbled by the resellers that choose to go to us for business and to show our appreciation we make sure that every product we have to offer is of the very best quality. However, our services to our retailers do not stop there since we also make it a point to promote and recommend our resellers to engineers, IT experts, architects, etc. We will work over time to make sure that the brand and the products are promoted constantly and that a wider brand recognition is achieved.