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Critical Power

Running a business requires power. To ensure continuity, productivity, and energy efficiency, having reliable critical power equipment for your business is a must. It is for this reason that we have a range of high-quality products which can give your business uninterrupted

Our Critical Power Products: Uninterruptable power supplies – We have various uninterruptable power supplies or UPS ranging from micro UPS, small UPS, or medium and large UPS which can cater to the specific power supply needs of your business. These UPS can help support continuity and prevent loss of data stored digitally. Data will not be lost should there ever be sudden power problems when you use one of our UPS. DC power systems – Our DC power systems can withstand even the most rigorous needs of your network or business. We also provide inverter systems, DC-DC power systems for different telecom equipment. Industrial power – Choose from our AC UPS, inverters, or battery chargers and rectifiers along with our integrated power protection systems. For small or large businesses, having the right industrial power to keep things running makes the business proceedings more efficient and safer as well. Surge protection – Protect data as well as power supply by using our products to protect your equipment from electrical disturbances. Making your critical equipment last longer in good condition is possible by having surge protection accessories to help ensure it runs only on consistent power supply.


Making your business grow is surely one of your main goals and to be able to achieve this, having the ability to properly monitor business proceedings, systems, infrastructure conditions, as well as overall hardware efficiency is a must.

We provide monitoring tools for data centre management, local and remote data centres, and even for smaller data centres. What we have for you includes 24×7 data centre infrastructure management as well as network monitoring software to have an all-time overall view of your system. For both big and small businesses, having maximum efficiency by making sure all hardware and systems are in tip top shape contribute to your control over how your business grows. Monitoring your computer rooms, data centres, network closets, and even applications ranging from wireless, enterprise, and wire lines can be possible if you have the right monitoring equipment. These monitoring tools give you the chance to have increased visibility and control of your business’s control systems, facilities, and infrastructure equipment which also run on software. Being able to monitor and efficiently manage your infrastructure equipment is possible with the high-quality and effective monitoring software and tools we offer.

Racks and Edge Data Centre

Businesses today depend on equipment to promote high efficiency and smooth daily operations. Software and critical equipment work hand in hand to provide the business with the advancement it needs to grow.

We understand that businesses today vary in size and have different equipment needs. This is why we provide different racks and integrated cabinets to meet your varied business setups. We can help you efficiently manage your critical equipment with the racks and integrated cabinets that we offer. You can also choose our rackmounts UPS, static transfer switch, or AC power distribution racks. To provide you with the matching accessories we have indoor racks and accessories to respond to the different infrastructure needs of businesses today. These products are all designed with the optimisation of your data centre in mind, and they can help contain your UPS, cooling, rack PDUs, and even your electrical wirings in sturdy, durable, and lockable cabinet options. We have cooling racks designed to manage varied heat loads and support the best data centre practices, distribution racks for AC equipment to provide interface between the different low voltage feeds as well as distribution units, and support for your high density modular cooling systems which take care of your business’s advanced thermal management needs. Adding an extra layer of protection and security for the most critical equipment your business has is on our mind and by using our integrated racks and cabinets you will get the lasting performance your business deserves.

Our racks and integrated cabinets also take into account how the edge will affect your business needs in the future. The edge can be described as any device that connects to a data centre and uses its resources, such as your phone. If you’re interested in your very own edge data centre, so your important information is processed on-site, we can help you efficiently manage your critical equipment with our racks and integrated cabinets. 

Power Switching

Today data, software, and other digital equipment or systems highly depend on electricity to run. However, there are times when power surges and malfunctions from the main power provider happen and when it does, those who are not prepared to handle such events.

You can reliably transfer your business-critical loads to your emergency sources with our power transfer switches, specialty switchboards, and control systems. We take in mind and consider it our highest priority to support your business’s continuity by providing you not just with uninterruptable power supplies and surge protection systems, but we also provide power switching equipment to help safeguard your facilities and business proceedings from discontinuity. Managing the risk of losing data and being able to successfully mitigate it can contribute to your business’s overall success. Investing on our high-quality power switching equipment and controls can help you have a better grasp on how you can protect your business as well as important data from electrical supply interruptions which are often unexpected. What we have in store for you include industry-leading transfer switches, non-automatic and automatic switches, and specialty transfer switches and switchboards. These can be used for residential, commercial, and even agricultural purposes depending on what your business needs. We also have power control systems which have a wide range of features which are easy to control to make the emergency power system in your facility even more efficient.

Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

Mission Critical Systems (MCS) is a leading commercial contracting solutions provider servicing businesses since 1983. If you are thinking of installing EV chargers, here are a few helpful tips to prepare you for installation.

When installing a charging station for your electric car, consideration must be given to various safety criteria. Our check-list includes all the key points you need to remember when installing your charging station. The information provided on this website is a guide, all installations should be conducted according to the manufacturer’s recommendation and the various state & territory regulations across Australia. All EV equipment should be installed by a licensed and qualified electrician.  MCS have various electrical partners which can assist with the installation should this be required.

Choosing the Right EV Charging Equipment

A licensed and certified electrician will need to install your new EV charger. A site assessment should be performed to determine where the charger needs to be installed based on where you intend to park your EV while it’s charging. Ideally, you want the charging station to be no more than 3m from the connection port on your car. In terms of charging a vehicle in the future, we are seeing newer generation EV’s coming out with faster on board capacity utilising the more powerful three-phase connections. If the building has access to three-phase power then we would highly recommend that this is made available. If not then choose a single phase connection with a capacity of 32Amp to give you a power available of 7.4kW. EV chargers come with configurable outputs so it will work on both single and three-phase connections.

What Needs to be Considered Before Installing Charging Equipment

Regardless of who you choose to install your EV Charger in Australia, make sure they are a licensed electrician and provide you with a quote before beginning any work. Please remember cable length will determine how flexible your parking options will be. Conversely the cable becomes heavier. Generally 3kg for 5m cable & 6kg for 10m cable.


No additional appliances should be connected to the cable leading from the fuse box to the charging station. Further appliances would include e.g. lights, washing machine & general appliances

Electric Vehicle the utilization factor will be systematically estimated to 1, as it takes a long time to completely load the batteries (several hours) and a dedicated circuit feeding the charging station or wall box will be required by standards or charging stations. The connected load of the charging station must therefore, be 100% respected.


If cables are too thin, they become hot, and there is a danger of the cables burning. If the charging current is of 16A or above we recommend a cable diameter of 2.5mm2 or more. In order that the vehicle can be charged with a charging power of 11-22 kW, and in three phases, a 5-conductor supply cable must be used.

The inner diameter of the cable depends on factors such as cable length, potential drop, environmental temperature and type of installation. It is, therefore, best to get a qualified electrician to determine what diameter cable you require. We recommend preparing cables where possible for a three-phase connection, in order to be future-proof. The electric cars of the future will have higher charging powers and larger battery capacities.


The residual current device (RCD) is there to avoid electric shocks. An RCD balances the electric current in the live and neutral wires to/from the appliance, in the electric car. If these currents are no longer balanced, for example, if a residual current flows through the bodywork of the car or the driver to the floor, the RCD is triggered and breaks the circuit. To ensure that this is the case, where an RCD is not already integrated into the charging station, each charging station must be fitted with its own individual RCD. For protection, there is a diversity factor of 1.0, which means that each circuit must be individually protected.


A residual current device of Type A at least is required for each charging station. The Type A RCD is a standard RCD protection switch which is carried by qualified electricians and which only registers particular fault currents. Some electric cars may generate smooth DC fault currents during charging. If you cannot exclude this possibility, then an appropriate DC residual current protection must be installed. There are various options for this.

  • RCD Type B: A Type B RCD is “sensitive to all currents”, recognizes all types of AC and DC residual currents and is very well-suited for charging station installation. This is the recommended RCD device

The circuit breaker ensures that the circuit is broken if too much electricity flows through the cable. This also ensures that damages caused to the cables as a result of heating up can be avoided. As with the RCD, an extra circuit breaker is required for the charging station circuit.

Manufacturers of our EV charging stations recommend circuit breakers with the tripping characteristic C.

The circuit breaker must be in alignment with the nominal current, in the case of the required charging power. It presents a potential safety hazard, meaning that the installation should only be carried out by a qualified electrician. They are responsible for ensuring that all existing standards and installation regulations have been observed.

The nominal current is the current absorbed by electrical devices. The nominal current of the circuit breaker you have chosen must never fall below the reading on the charging station’s label.

Critical Cooling

It has been said that the productivity of machines and equipment also depend on how well they are maintained. Machines, after all, are still just machines and they should be treated with care. 

We offer thermal management systems to protect your critical equipment through proper ventilation. We aim to protect your critical equipment through our specially designed cooling systems which will help make your equipment work in top condition. We provide cooling systems for every imaginable business scenario. Our critical cooling systems are designed to meet the need of the space while meeting your target budget range for cooling equipment. Our aim is to provide the most efficient, reliable, and most importantly cost-efficient use of energy and we achieve this by making use of advanced software, hardware, and equipment technology. Choose from different configurations of humidity controls, and closed or open architecture or water-based and refrigerant-based technology. With these options you can have better control of energy use and how your cooling system operates.

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