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A major private hospital located in Adelaide South Australia is currently in the final stages of a major $33 million upgrade project. The hospital upgrade consists of the following:

  • More than doubling the size of the hospital, including an upgrade of the Day Procedure Unit from 14 chairs to 30 chairs
  • A new additional operating theatre
  • Refurbishment of the patient recovery area
  • New six bed Chest Pain Unit refurbishment of patient accommodation and ward
  • Refurbishment of main entrance with new café, pharmacy and reception
  • Significant infrastructure and support services upgrades

Critical power supplies are a matter of life or death for the healthcare industry. Facilities rely on their IT and medical equipment for patient care, and equipment relies on the availability of electrical power. In an effort to reinforce their emergency power systems, hospitals and healthcare facilities are adding UPS systems alongside their emergency power systems to ensure continued operation.

The objectives of today’s healthcare providers are therefore twofold; provide the best and safest level of patient care, while ensuring reliable infrastructure performance at the best possible cost.

Consider a hospital’s operating theatres, intensive care units or emergency departments; these areas require constant power to treat critically ill people.
Hospitals must meet strict regulatory requirements related to keeping the power infrastructure compliant, which creates its own set of unique challenges including allocation of capital budget and the need for continuous training and testing, etc.

MCS worked with the consulting engineer to provide the best in class power protection solution for the hospital. Working closely with the electrical contractor, our team successfully supplied and commissioned a 120kW modular UPS system with seven 20kW power modules and a 60kVA external transformer. In doing so, we were able to provide a few key benefits to the project, namely:

  • Decentralised Parallel Architecture with true modular redundancy
  • High availability
  • Low total cost of ownership

While the hospital upgrade is still in progress, our UPS is now fully installed and commissioned. All feedback from the contractor has been positive to date. When asked, the director of the electrical contractor had this to say:

‘MCS were successful in winning the UPS package for the Hospital upgrade project supplying a 120kVA system. Their service throughout the construction phase was excellent with constant communication and updates on the progress of procurement. The commissioning went well with client training and the final set-up of the system transitioning smoothly.