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Some of the greatest advancements in EV fast chargers are Aussie grown

According to a report from McKinsey & Company, global sales of electric vehicles (EV) currently account for approx. 2.8% of light vehicle sales. However, research conducted by Deloitte indicates global EV sales will grow to about 32% by 2030.

Here in Australia, the Future Fuels Fund and many South Australian local councils are rolling out a fast charging network. (See article below for more information.)

MCS supplies a number of different brands of commercial grade EV chargers including Schneider and Aussie-grown Tritium.

Interestingly, Tritium now exports its EV chargers to 41 countries. It claims its chargers are located in regions that reach minimum temperatures of -35°C and maximum temperatures of +50°C. In large parts of Australia, the ability for commercial grade EV chargers to withstand these high temperatures is a definite advantage.

Tritium also offers some of the most advanced and reliable DC fast chargers for electric vehicles with units ranging from 50kW to 350kW. It’s also the first company to implement plug and charge capabilities which enable EVs and charging equipment to communicate and transact through the charging cable. In commercial applications where users pay for their charging, this is a remarkable capability.

Reliable advice and expertise for your application

When selecting EV charging infrastructure, there’s a lot to consider and there aren’t many specialists available in Australia to provide advice. But that’s one of the benefits of dealing with MCS Distribution.

We work directly with businesses and resellers to supply high-quality products to achieve efficiency, reliability and improve productivity.

For information on the best EV charging infrastructure for your application, get in touch with MCS or request a quote.