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MCS aims to provide you with reliable equipment and technical support to help you become productive and efficient, and achieve success.

Our critical power products

Uninterruptable power supplies (UPS) – whether it’s a micro UPS, small UPS, medium or a large UPS, MCS has the capabilities to cater to your business’ specific power supply needs. UPS help support continuity and prevent loss of digitally stored data. Any sudden power problems you encounter will not result in data loss when you use on of our UPS.

DC power systems – Our DC power systems can withstand even the most rigorous needs of your network or business. We also provide inverter systems, DC-DC power systems for different telecom equipment.

Industrial power – We’ve got you covered for everything from AC UPS and inverters to battery chargers and integrated power protection systems. Having the right industrial power will improve safety and help make business proceedings more efficient.

Surge protection – Our surge protection accessories will safeguard your equipment and your data from the dangers of electrical disturbances. By using our surge protection accessories, your equipment will always run on a consistent power supply, helping it last longer and remain in a good condition for years to come.

Critical Cooling

Critical cooling systems play an integral part in the information age by managing the excessive heat by which the equipment produces. The equipment which the internet uses to transfer the data we all require today requires highly robust cooling systems to keep things running. By taking the time to understand your needs, we can balance your cooling requirements with your target budget range. We will provide the most efficient, reliable, and cost-effective method of energy use that best suits your business. Choose from different configurations within our cooling systems, adjust humidity controls, and choose from closed or open architecture or water-based and refrigerant-based technology. With these options you can have better control of your energy use, leading to more comfort for a lower cost.

Business owners as well as the clients they serve or work with can truly benefit from technological advancements. From the technological advancements today, businesses can benefit from having more efficiency, productivity, and ultimately, increased revenue. How can we help you achieve these?

Achieve Higher ROI and Improved Efficiency

Making sure that all your critical systems are operational can help guarantee business efficiency and continuity. This is where Mission Critical Systems comes in. We are a trusted critical infrastructure provider and when you have essential assets which need safeguarding, we can cover your needs. With the products we offer, you lessen the risk of facing loss from equipment or systems malfunction, and you will have better means to mitigate further damages caused by unexpected occurrences.

Investing in mission critical infrastructure will ultimately achieve higher ROI, productivity, and efficiency. For those who are expanding their business, the products that we offer can help ensure optimum functionality of business premises.

If you need mission critical infrastructure, we can provide extensive coverage for more efficient business infrastructure functions. We are a professional critical infrastructure provider who can provide a range of solutions for data centre infrastructure needs, IT applications, networking applications, electrical equipment, and other infrastructure operations systems.

We value customer satisfaction which is why we make time to know more about your needs and take your input into consideration to make sure your business premises gets the support that it needs.

Customer satisfaction is of the upmost importance to us – that’s why we take the time to know more about your needs and to get your input on projects. By doing this, we can accurately provide your business with the solution it requires.

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